Monday, April 1, 2013

Good Bye, Nap Time

Recently I've experienced the loss of a dear friend, nap time. Through
the years we've had our differences, such as leaving me for a week 
long vacation without any notice, but it would always return, usually 
penitent for the chaos its absence caused. A few weeks ago, both of my 
older children decided, whether independently or collaboratively I don't 
know, that nap time was a thing of the past. I had managed for quite a 
few months to get all three to nap in the afternoon at the same time, 
ensuring a couple hours of serenity, time to work on writing, sneak a 
scoop or two of chocolate ice cream, catch up on a TV show that my 
husband wouldn't watch, attempt workout, or make a valiant effort 
with the mountains of laundry waiting for me in the basement

I feel unbalanced in adjusting to this new world of constant play. The 
children have responded to bleary eyed afternoons in different ways. 
My eldest (5) turns into a 17 year old with the attitude to match, and 
my 3 year old, despite being as tough as a mini linebacker, emotionally 
wilts like any unfortunate plant condemned to my house. And so late 
afternoons have been quite a challenge.  

The balancing act called motherhood is a constant learning process.
Nap time used to be instrumental in aiding that balance, and now
my equilibrium is recalibrating itself. I find myself searching for 
strategies that will bring order to afternoon chaos. The TV has
been on much more than I'd like lately. 

Yesterday I ordered the sleep deprived sweeties to their room with 
the instructions that they are to either look at books or play with 
puzzles. 30 seconds later I heard banging, pounding and screaming. 
I marched up and found them wrestling each other down to the 
ground. In itself not bad, but my 3 year old has gotten in trouble at pre-
school for not being gentle enough with his classmates, so rough 
housing is not allowed for right now. I had to put on a tough demeanor, 
put them to the tasks I had instructed, and amazingly they were quiet 
until dinner was ready. Again I'm reminded that I need to be the mom 
that is best for my children, not the funnest or the coolest, just the best 
for them. 

Although I feel nap time abandoned me without warning (or maybe 
I had ignored the warning signs in denial), I need to stop mourning
its departure and move on. I love the motto of the animated movie
Meet the Robinsons, "Keep moving forward." With God's grace,
that's exactly what I'll do!


  1. For anyone who read this post earlier in the
    week, my mutinous computer posted my work
    in progress (one paragraph at that time)
    without my knowledge. Just realized it this
    morning. :)

  2. Hey, sweet Tanya! Keep pressing on! This, too, shall pass... One day, you'll blink and all of your precious darlings will be in school at the same time, and naps, writing, and "me time" will be there waiting. Patiently. ;)

    You're a wonderful, Godly mama.

    1. Too true, Cynthia. :) Thanks for the encouragement!
      It's already going by so quickly. My littlest is almost
      walking. Seems like I brought him home from the
      hospital just yesterday.

  3. Oh my...I feel for you! I always wonder what I will do once naps are gone? Where is the down time?
    Cynthia's comment was spot on and I can't believe the little one is almost walking?!?! How is that possible!

    1. Ahh, down time... . It will be missed. Time
      doesn't just fly, it races at super sonic speeds,
      leaving the rest of us wondering what just
      happened. :) Hope all is well with you and
      your wee ones, Beth!