Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Be Still

Forced to be still and off my feet often leads to pensiveness. Sitting here at 
my kitchen table, a light drizzle outside is almost completely drowned out by 
three fun loving kiddos stomping and crashing as they "play" upstairs above 
me. What are they doing anyway? There also could be a herd of small baby 
elephants... . 

Here I sit, left with my thoughts, at least until the next dispute is brought to my 
attention. Big questions I struggled with in my early twenties resurface. "What 
is my purpose in life (now... beyond my occupation and most important role as 
mother)?" Am I accomplishing all I'm meant to do? Is there anything I'm 

In my twenties I searched for God's will in my life in respect to my occupation, 
the man I would marry, then the right time to begin a family. A decade later, 
family nearly complete, one more to join our family of five in a few months, 
I again find myself searching, wanting God's will for my family, His best for us. 
remind myself that I'm not only a mother, I'm a child of God, with a purpose that 
extends through my mothering, and along side of my mothering. 

I believe motherhood is the ultimate calling a woman can fulfill, both extremely 
challenging and rewarding. (I am not saying you can't be an excellent mother 
and accomplish great things outside the family!) However, it's all too easy to 
be consumed by it and allow other talents or goals fall by the wayside. This has 
caused me to ponder. Are there other things the Lord has for me now while I'm 
on this wonderful, crazy adventure? Do other things take a back seat until the 
children are older? Maybe to a degree? It comes down to listening to the Holy
Spirit, doing the things God has called you to do and letting other things go.

Being still is a good thing. How busy modern life is! I challenge you to sit and be
still for a while. It's a time to reevaluate priorities, reflect, appreciate how blessed
we are, how much the Lord loves us, and desires us to draw close to Him.

Life is demanding. Balance is essential. The answer is different for each person.  
Thankfully, the Lord is with us, with an open hand, willing to lead us through
the hills, valleys and mountains of life. We only need to to accept His guiding
hand and trust Him. 

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." Psalm 119:105 ESV

"Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted in the earth!" Psalm 46:10 ESV

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