Friday, May 23, 2014

Is that in my Job Description?

Write... right? It's been about 11 months since my last post. There's been 
much more hurrying than writing of late. The last year I decided to break for 
a bit, realizing that this mama has her limits. However now I'm craving the 
creative process. I'm hoping to post again on more of a regular basis. 

The biggest news now is that my baby is turning two tomorrow. What?! How
did that happen? Life has been crazy, but it's been good. I love my family,
even when I feel like I need a therapy session after a long day of he said, 
she said, the toddler did... , I wouldn't trade it for the world. I remember an
old movie we watched when I was growing up when a main character 
responded to concerns of fatigue by stating, "I'm blessed with work." In the
same way, I'm blessed with motherhood and all the crazy things that go 
along with it. 

Yesterday, I was recounting all the things I had done that day to my husband,
which included (but not limited too) picking up dog poo in the yard (not in my 
job description or the agreement when we adopted our beloved pooch), 
cleaning up bird poo off of the slides in the back yard, killing a huge, probably 
pregnant spider on the play set, sweeping spider webs off the swings, and 
removing an egg sack of some kind off the baby slide. He looked at me with
all seriousness and stated, "So you were a mom." Now all the spider and
spider web stuff was a big deal for me, because I don't like bugs of any kind.
I felt a bit minimized, but that's not how Jason intended it to come across. 
No, in my mind all that went above and beyond normal motherly duties. I 
wanted a bit of extra recognition. But I guess he was right (hopefully he 
doesn't read this), all the above goes along with taking care of your kids, 
loving them enough to do things you despise. I heard someone somewhere 
say that motherhood can be summed up by one word, wiping. But it's really 
why we do all the wiping. Love. Thanks to my mom and grandma for all the 
"wiping" they did, shaping our families with love. 

With this weekend being Memorial Day and having served in the USAF,
I thank the Lord for all our current, former, and retired military members 
who so selflessly serve/d our country. Thank you and God Bless you all. 

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