Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why Write for Children?

Why write for children? Over the last year or so, I've read from differing 
sources that children's books are on a decline and that writing for adults
is more profitable. So why branch out of my comfort zone of a part time
nurse and full time mom to write in a classification of books on a decline?
I love children. I love children's books. I love that one can create fun 
stories with morals woven through the fabric of fun plots and dreamy 
fairy tales. 

It seems cliche to say that children are our future, but I'll say it. Children
are our future! Reading to them from a young age, even infancy, benefits
them tremendously. I've read to my children before naps, bedtimes, and 
in between since they were small babies, and now they both love books.
It seems they are constantly begging me to read to them. Although, 
attention spans vary according by age and activity levels, even if 
you can only get a few lines in before your young one dashes off to 
chase dust particles ignited by sunlight, you've reinforced his/her love 
of books and reading. 

Reading children's stories is also a great way to reinforce morals you're
trying to teach your children, important stuff like sharing, listening,
courage and friendship. I want to read my children stories that 
portray these kinds of qualities, so naturally, when I decided to write
for children, I incorporated these favorable character traits into my 
stories. But one can't just fill a book with lessons of character, there
also has to be exciting adventures and far away places. 

Imagine being a child, what would you want to be? Where would 
you want to go? This is what I think about when beginning a new 
story. I run my ideas across my kids, as they are brutally honest, to 
be sure the ideas are winners. Recently, I've begun brewing ideas  
for new characters and scenes for my fifth story in my children's 
picture book series. I'm excited to start it sometime in the next 
couple weeks. The beginning of the school year is always a bit 
chaotic. Soon we'll be in a routine, and I'll carve out time for a 
new adventure. 


  1. Oh how exciting! My kids devour books. I can't hardly keep enough around the house. Thank you so much for the encouraging comment on my blog! :)

  2. Mine too. I don't know how many children's books we have.
    I especially like to collect the old golden books. The Tawny
    Scrawny Lion is one of our favorites. :) And your welcome!