Thursday, August 11, 2011

Daily Schedules vs Dandelion Wishes

Childhood is a magical time of dress-up, dandelion wishes, twirling in 
tutus, and fighting off pirates while in pajamas. Really the list is as infinite
as our children's imaginations. To children, the possibilities of what may be
are limitless. How much do we really foster and encourage our children's
imaginations? Even more than that, are we involved in our children's 
creativity? Our daily lives today seem so jam packed with things to do and 
places to go. Are we too busy to play, to spend the afternoon searching
the family room for imaginary creatures on an enchanted safari? 

Our lives seem to get busier and busier, overloaded with information and
activities unlike any other time in history. Are we missing the best part of life?
What do we want our kids to remember about their childhoods? I'd rather my
children's memories be of making a tent in the family room after dinner and 
telling stories in the dim light of the evening, than of rushing from this thing 
to that. In my experience, being personally involved in our children's creative 
play is a great way to strengthen family bonds. No, I don't have a psych degree,
but I am a mom. If you pay attention, parenthood can teach you a ton.

I'm not saying to avoid all extracurricular activities. Our children need those
as well. But there is a balance. Granted, it's not easy, but maintaining a healthy
family life includes family play time (in my humble opinion). So chase fireflies, 
dream big, duel with imaginary dragons, and paint rainbows together. Yes, in 
writing this post, my biggest target audience is myself! :) 


  1. Oh, this challenge only grows as our kids grow. We seem to have seasons of busyness and seasons of rest. Right now is our busy season, but we've decided to cut one major and one other activity this year, so it doesn't look so bad!

  2. I can only imagine what it will be like when I'm in that
    phase of my life. I heard great advice somewhere to have
    dinner as a family 3 nights a week for sure and have a
    weekly family game/movie night. Growing up we had
    mystery Mondays watching A&E mysteries (Miss Marple
    and Sherlock Holmes). Trying to guess "who did it" was
    so fun and spending that time together has made lasting
    memories that I will always cherish. :)