Thursday, October 20, 2011

Big News!

As I type, my eyes are heavy, my tummy tumbling, and my brain clouded 
with an afternoon fog. Any guesses at what could be causing all these 
symptoms at once? If you guessed Baby Cunningham # 3 is on his/her
way, you're right! Jason and I were happily surprised 5 weeks ago when
we discovered we had another one on the way, and I tested positive so 
early and was sick so quickly that I was convinced it had to be twins. Being
that my Grandma Rose was a twin, I have a good chance at that possibility. 
I've even been having dreams about having twins. At my initial OB 
appointment today I had an ultrasound and the technician only found
one precious baby. Although having twins would've being super cool, I 
think God must know what I can handle, especially since my first two 
are so adventurous. 

Still a month to go before I come to the end of my first trimester, and I'm 
already reeling from a multitude of crazy symptoms. There's the usual 
nausea and fatigue, but add to that, evening dizziness and lightheaded-
ness, hot flashes, and heartburn. In my opinion, it's way too early for
heartburn. Although this week I've been feeling a bit better, the last 
few weeks have been very difficult. Many times it the evenings, I have
been unable to even get up from the couch, and my sweet other half
has had to take care of me after he's been at work all day. Hopefully in
a month or so, this will all be behind me. 

God has been so good to help me through this difficult first trimester. 
And though there have been times when the last thing I've wanted to
do was to write, I've still been working on revisions and going to my
writing groups, which have proven invaluable. I'm so excited and 
encouraged for my future. I know God has such good things for me
personally and professionally.