Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unexpected Sugar

This morning I enjoyed one on one time with my almost two year old, James.
We visited a local park with fabulous walking trails. Due to his nature to 
wander and full out sprint away from me without warning, I was a bit nervous
about not having my trusty umbrella stroller as a back up, but you have 
to let go sometime, right? So I bravely led him passed the safe familiarity of 
the playground and ventured onto the walking trails, slightly uneasy, but
excited about our first real "nature walk" together. 

James loved it! Everyone was out walking their dogs, and he pointed to each
one and shouted, "Doddie!" His annunciation isn't the best, but it's pretty
cute. And with a mop of wild curls on the top of his head, he was mistaken 
for a girl twice. Shhh, don't tell his grandpas. They're both already 
threatening the shears. Although I'm constantly told how awesome his 
hair is, he will be getting it cut this weekend, so that he can at least 

I pointed out falling leaves, ants crossing the path, squirrels rummaging 
out in the woods, and acorns scattered here and there. He reveled in 
his time alone with Mommy doing something special, and amazingly,
he held my hand the entire way. The trail ended by a small pasture 
and stable, which housed a few horses, one of his favorite animals, 
second only to anything that roars. We pointed to the beloved creatures 
and repeated the word "horse," over and over again.

Then it was time for the swings, his favorite thing to do at the park. I 
think we occupied one for at least 20 minutes. I hadn't realized before
what a great upper-body workout it is to push a swinging child. 
My arms are actually a bit sore. It was a lovely morning, the air was 
crisp and fresh, the leaves crunched beneath our feet, and soft breezes
caused falling leaves to dance their way to the ground. In our home,
when something is super sweet, we compare it to sugar. This morning
was an unexpected delight, as sweet as sugar. 

Initially, I had been hesitant to go out this morning after dropping my oldest
off at preschool, there were so many things waiting at home for me to do. 
But housework and writing could wait. I'm so glad I listened to that still 
small voice, encouraging me to take the morning and enjoy my son. 
It's unfortunately all too easy to pass up moments like these with how
busy our lives can be. Take some time this week to do something fun 
with the ones you love and find some sugar of your own. I'm so glad I did. 

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