Friday, November 4, 2011

God's Grace is Sufficient

With my kids temporarily entranced by Word World, I must literally hurry up 
and write my post for this week, which has been one of the most difficult
since I've been pregnant. My all-the-time sickness has been intense. 
Yesterday, I was sure I'd puke all over the grocery store floor. By the 
grace of God, that didn't happen. The rest of the day, I was couch-bound,
unable to move. As difficult as this week has been, I remember that 
my new little one is well worth it, and I'm relieved to be within a month
of my second trimester, when I'll hopefully feel much better. 

Why is it when I'm not feeling well my dear, sweet, adorable children 
sense my weakness and run through the house like they're competing
in the 100 yard dash? High-pitched screams drown out any other 
competing noises, children collide into each other, the house is 
a disaster zone, dishes are piled up in the sink, laundry is lurking
in the basement, revisions are impatiently waiting on my laptop,
my Bible is longing to be opened, and all I can think is "God help

I remember, "My grace is sufficient for you," and that God will not give
me more than I can bear. God is good. I've been relying on Galatians 
5 and Psalm 23. In Galatians, we read about the Fruits of the Spirit, one
of which is peace. Peace is a Fruit of the Spirit. If I abide in the Lord, I 
have peace. In Psalm 23, we are told the "Lord is our Shepherd (to
feed, guide and shield), I shall not lack," in the Amplified. That 
encompasses all of our needs. No matter what we're going through, 
God is our Strength and our Hope. He is our Rock. He knows what we 
need before we ask. God meets us where we are, and He loves us
where we are. 

I know what I'm going through is temporary, and God will give me 
the strength to endure, to be a good mom, and to accomplish what
I need to do. I'd appreciate your prayers over the next few weeks as
I come to the end of my first trimester. I'm also determined to work 
on some revisions today during the munchkins' nap time. :)


  1. Hi, Tanya...My post just got eaten, but I'm determined! :)

    Do gingersnaps work for you? Try those and also continue with lots of protein, which I'm sure you're aware of. Also, any kind of breath mints might help. Something about the minty flavor seems to help with nausea sometimes...

    Praying for you and sending you hugs!

  2. Yes, gingersnaps do help, I ran out of them earlier in
    the week and forgot to get them at the store in my
    haze yesterday. I also have special morning wellness
    tea, especially made for mommies with morning
    sickness (has ginger root and spearmint). They both
    usually help, but yesterday was one of those
    exceptions. The mints are a great idea. Thanks,
    Cynthia. :)

  3. sweet mama, you're on to something :) His grace IS sufficient and this is only a season! love you friend!

  4. Thanks, Megan. You are so right and so sweet! :)

  5. It sure is tough though! But yes it should drive us to rely on Him! I have three weeks left--I know! :)

  6. I'm sure it's exciting to be almost done! I'll be praying
    for a quick and safe delivery. :)