Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finding Excuses for your Resolutions?

After about a one month hiatus from the Internet in general, it's time to get 
back in the swing of things, and what better day than the twelfth day of 2012?
I believe it's the coldest day of the year outside, and although we've only had
a couple inches of snow, it was mad chaos on the roads this morning. It took
Jason 2 & 1/2 hours to get to work this morning. I find myself one of many 
people wondering how such a little snow caused so much trouble for a town
supposedly used to handling winter weather. It's not like Tulsa (a.k.a. T town
where I went to college) where the whole place shuts down for a half inch of 
snow. Although, I think last year most likely cured Tulsanians of any ignorance
of what to do when it snows. I believe they had several feet of snow over the
winter last year. 

What happened in my hometown today must be a result of too many people 
thinking, It's just a dusting. No big deal. Even those responsible for preparing
the streets with salt, I think did so a bit late. So, everyone and their mom went
out this morning, the small amount of snow we had was pack down causing 
all kinds of accidents, and the temperature is crazy cold so that spots are 
refreezing causing, you guessed it, black ice. Enough venting and back to 
things that you all actually care about. 

What did I write about last time? Ah yes, discipline. Ouch! How are the 
resolutions coming along? If you're like me, you're struggling to keep up
with self-inflicted expectations. I have been working hard on getting my
house in some type of order, but I find that after a morning of de-cluttering,
I'm completely spent and have a hard time maintaining productivity. 
Excuses? I have one... in the form of a tiny human being growing by leaps
and bounds inside of me. The nesting instinct has kicked in high gear (even
though I have quite a ways to go), which is the main source of my cleaning

Oh, and did I mention Jason had his appendix out emergently last week? 
That was exciting and included an entire night in the ER with surgery at 5 a.m. 
I feel like I'm still catching up from that night devoid of sleep. You'll be happy 
to know that despite the typical case of "man-itis" (wives you know what I'm
talking about), he's recovering quite nicely. Why is it that men act all stoic 
and low maintenance in the hospital, a literal dream for their nurses, but
are the opposite at home? Giving him credit, Jason's case of man-itis wasn't 
severe, but enough for this pregnant mamma. 

Back to the main point of this post. Have I stepped up my Bible reading 
(one of my main goals for 2012)? Well, somewhat, but not as much as I 
should. Mornings are too hectic, afternoons find myself dozing on the couch, 
and by the time evening comes, I'm completely exhausted. So what's the 
solution? I say to myself, "Stop making excuses and do it!" More importantly, 
I'm praying for the Lord to help me with self-discipline. Thank the Lord He's 
faithful always and especially when we're not. You know what I love about 
the Lord? Even when we get caught up with ourselves, He doesn't condemn 
us. He simply loves, forgives, and patiently waits for us to adjust our focus to 
where it's supposed to be... on Him. 

I pray your focus, as well as mine, will stay exactly where it should, and that 
we don't get too caught up with ourselves or our households to spend precious 
time with our Father and Creator in Heaven.