Monday, May 21, 2012

Guest Post on Redwood's Medical Edge: Pacifier Use

I'm happy to be guest posting again today on Redwood's Medical Edge. 
This time the topic is pacifier use. Have pacifiers been falsely vilified? 
What is the latest research telling us concerning pacifier use and successful
breastfeeding? Read all about it and weigh in on the conversation here.

Jordyn Redwood is a RN who has eighteen years of ER and ICU 
experience who also writes suspense novels. Her debut thriller, Proof,
is coming out June 1st, 2012. Being a medical suspense fan myself,
I can't wait! Her blog is devoted to medical accuracy in literature and is
always an interesting read. 


  1. read your post, so helpful and encouraging, especially for new moms. thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey, Meg. Glad you found the post helpful! I
    hope you're feeling well. I know it's not easy
    chasing lil' ones around while expecting