Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Here We Go!

I'm returning after a bit of a hiatus, now a mommy of three.  It's been over a 
month since my new little man, Benjamin Michael, has joined us. The last three 
nights he's actually slept soundly between feedings (Praise the Lord!), and I 
finally feel like my sleep deprived brain can string more than a few words 
together to write a halfway decent post. 

I now have a four year old a two year old and an infant. To say life is busy would
be an understatement! And despite drowning in diapers, refereeing the older two,
administering endless kisses to both real and imagined boo-boos, and perpetual 
dish and laundry duty, I'm absolutely thrilled. I've always wanted a minimum
of three kids, and now I have them. My prayer is, "Thank you, Lord, for the 
blessing and privilege of raising my three children, and please preserve my
sanity... ." It's a bit of a challenge when my four year old (Avalon) cross 
examines me as though a seasoned lawyer and my two year old (James) 
behaves more like bulldozer in human toddler form. 

If you could listen to a bit of my day you'd hear:

"James do NOT drink out of the dogs water bowl!"
"James! We do not stand on the back of the couch!"
"James, spit out that dog food, and we do NOT eat dirt!"
"James? What is in your mouth?"
"Oh James, that's gross."
"Avalon, no tattling."
"Avalon, you are not the mommy."
"Avalon, I am the mommy."
"Avalon, your mouth is getting you into trouble. Close it."
"Both of you, back away from the baby."
"Personal space, Avalon, back up."
"James, too close to the TV, back up. Back up more.
"James, do not touch the baby's head, OR EYES!"
"Inside voices, please... INSIDE VOICES PLEASE! Let's practice inside voices."
"No running in the house." (a second blur goes by) "No running!" 
"No yelling in the house... if you want to talk to me, come here (as I shout back)."

I'm sure most of you mothers out there relate to my list of frequently spoken 
mom statements. Sometimes I have to suppress a chuckle after some of the 
things I say. And yes, my two year old boy is as boy as they come. He eats 
dirt, dog food, and even toe lint. His hugs are really more like tackles and 
"gentle" is a word that doesn't compute in his male toddler brain. But he's 
amazing with captivating blue eyes and a smile that doesn't allow you to 
stay upset very long. 

My four year old (going on twenty two) is a pure delight, thoughtful, sweet and so
full of love. I love how much she loves her family, immediate and extended. I 
can't wait to see what kind of personality my new little one possesses. What a 
crazy, exciting, chaotic adventure this life is. I feel like I'm in a roller coaster at 
the top of a steep hill, saying to myself, Hold on and here we go!  I'm 
determined to enjoy the ride and call on the Lord to help me be the best mom 
for my children, and wife to my sweetie.  


  1. ah sweet mama, you are doing well! I love reading/hearing other mama's frequent statements! you are cracking me up! enjoy your weekend with your lovies!

  2. I'm glad l could give you some giggles, and
    I hope you're feeling well! Stay hydrated and
    cool this weekend! :)