Monday, September 17, 2012

My Life's Status Report

Has it really been nearly three months since I last posted?? Life with a five 
year old, almost three year old and a three month old is crazy! So while I
feel creative juices are still hiding somewhere in the deep recesses of my
brain, I thought I would let those who do follow this blog know that, yes, I 
am still alive and will continue to write. 

This is a status report on my crazy, wonderful life. 

  • House - despite desperate efforts, still a disaster zone.
    • dishes - not too bad.
    • common areas - cluttered with toys.
    • my bedroom - scary.
    • kids bedrooms - not as scary.
    • laundry - you don't want to know.
    • yard - yikes!
  • Children - all are well, and in never ending growth spurts.
    • Avalon - 
      • loves Pre-Kindergarden.
      • thinks five years old is the new fifteen.
      • broke her arm over the summer. 
      • will not climb the monkey bars for a while.
    • James - 
      • enjoys two mornings of preschool during the week.
      • knows more species of dinos than the average adult.
      • is not potty trained yet (will start to tackle that next month).
      • is not yet three, but most people think he's four.
    • Benjamin
      • started teething at ten weeks.
      • is sleeping through the night!
      • is wearing 6-12 month clothes at three months.
      • is rolling over and cooing, so cute.
  • Husband - is still sane but threatening a vasectomy.
  • I - 
    • am chronically sleep deprived.
    • have about two minutes a day to myself.
    • have about 200 emails waiting in my inbox.
    • feel like my social life is on hold.
    • haven't written in far too long. 
    • am a little worried I've forgotten everything I've learned about writing children's stories.
    • know that even though this is a crazy time of my life, it's also wonderful and must be enjoyed to the fullest.
    • know that God is faithful and gives me the strength to do all I have to do every day.
    • am starting to cook up some new stories and hope to have some one-on-one time with my laptop soon.
"Praise the Lord. Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His steadfast love 
endures forever!" Psalm 106:1

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