Monday, October 15, 2012

Busted by Brownie

To say that I have a sweet tooth is an understatement. I prefer 
chocolate to any other form of sweet. I'm guilty of sneaking a piece
of cocoa goodness behind my children's backs more often than
I'd care to admit, but anyone who knows my kiddos, can testify
that the last thing they need is sugar. 

This last weekend I made a couple batches of homemade 
super dark brownies. Unfortunately neither were for myself. One
batch was for a baby shower at work, and the other was for
a friend who's a new mom again. I did hold back a few pieces from
the baby shower batch for myself... I mean my family. On Saturday
morning, after working late the night before, my husband informed
me that he had eaten two of the last four pieces of brownie due to
a stressful evening alone with the children the night before. "The 
last two are in there (the fridge), and are all yours... ," he reassured me. 

After lunch, the older two kids were playing elsewhere in the house,
and I was chatting with my husband in the kitchen. The thought of 
yummy brownies propelled me towards the fridge. The children were 
immersed in some type of pretend play scenario, so it would be 
safe to discreetly eat one of my brownies. 

I carefully unwrapped the tin foil, took my first bite, and there she 
was, my five year old, who has a sweet tooth just as big as mine, wide- 
eyed, mouth running a mile a minute about something. I didn't hear 
a word. I was frozen, brownie in hand, hoping that she hadn't 
noticed. Maybe if I didn't move, it would be okay. The longer I 
remained there, the more I realized I had to get the brownie out of 
sight before it was too late. With my lil' lovely still rambling about
some obviously important issue, I slowly lowered my hand to 
the counter, behind an enormous jar of peanut butter. I refrained
from chewing and shifted the morsel to my cheek like a squirrel. 

Just when I thought I was in the clear, the chattering slowed and 
I heard her ask, "What's that?"


"What are you eating, Mom?" she reiterated. I was busted.

"Oh, you want a bite of my brownie?" I asked, knowing full well
what the answer would be.

Her little eyes lit up and the corners of her mouth turned upward, 
revealing her dimples. She relished every little bite, just like her 
Mommy. After sharing the brownie, I quickly wrapped the last one 
in tin foil and returned it to the fridge. 

Guess what I had as soon as the kids were in bed that night?

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