Monday, March 5, 2012

Guest Posting Today on Redwood's Medical Edge

I'm a sucker for a good medical thriller, my favorite genre for pleasure reading.
So when I came across a blog devoted to accuracy concerning medical facts
in literature, I was intrigued. Redwood's Medical Edge is author Jordyn 
Redwood's blog. If you're a writer with a medical scene in your WIP (work
in progress), she'll be happy to review it for medical accuracy. I personally
can't stand it when I'm watching a medical show or reading a book containing
medical impossibilities or fallacies. I'm the one shouting at the TV, "You can't 
shock asystole!!" Really how many times will writers make that mistake? 

I was thrilled when Jordyn asked me if I had any ideas for a guest post. Since
the area of nursing I practice is postpartum, I took on the polarizing topic of 
home verses hospital deliveries. An issue many are passionate about. My 
goal in writing this post for Jordyn was to be sure soon to be parents make
an informed decision about where to deliver, knowing the risks and benefits
of both. You can read my guest post on Redwood's Medical Edge here. Thanks,
Jordyn, for the opportunity, and I can't wait to read your new novel, Proof
coming out this June!