Friday, March 23, 2012

Not Too Fast...

This week was school break for us. No preschool for the kids... no rest for 
the weary. Thankfully, the weather has been great. We've been able to 
visit multiple parks... along with the rest of the school district. It was 
difficult attempting to explain to my two year old that we had to wait for
our turn on the toddler swings, his favorite. 

Again I find myself pensive. How can time go by so quickly? Not only 
have I had my college degree for nearly ten years (gulp), but my oldest
(who you'll remember is only four), is informing me of who she will marry
when she's all grown up. My little lady has her life planned out already.
She will get married, but still live with her mommy and daddy, and have
four children, two boys and two girls. Her occupation will be, "only a 
mommy." Although today she voiced the realization that she might have
to get a job to support her four children. 

I chuckle to myself at these sweet conversations, but deep down I know 
that her grown up years aren't too far off. I think about her wedding day
and the biggest, "letting go," I'll hopefully face. It's hard enough for me 
when she's picked up for play dates with school friends. How am I going 
to handle her moving out, let alone getting married! Slow down, I remind 
myself, that's at least twenty years away, or thirty if her father has any say.

From this contemplation I'll take an appreciation of the moment and try not
to get flustered when one or both of them meltdown in public, or become 
frustrated when I find remnants of a tasty lunch all over new clothes. 
But instead I'll cherish every moment, realizing it's all part of the process, 
and make sure that above all, they know and feel how loved they are, so 
that in turn when they look back on their childhoods, they can reflect with as 
much affection as I do. 


  1. You are wise to cherish each moment...even the meltdowns. It seems we just blinked and we're about to be grandparents!

    Enjoying your blog!

  2. Thanks, Kristi. It's a lesson I'd much learn now, rather
    than look back with regret. Congrat's on your soon to be
    grandbaby! Thanks for stopping by. :)