Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fighting Off the Cicada Lullaby

Summertime is here and with it comes the fun of picnic lunches, mornings
at the pool, children chasing fireflies at dusk, eating watermelon slices on 
the back patio, delicious and ripe tomatoes, backyard cookouts with friends,
and the not so gentle hum of cicadas, a.k.a. - locustsTheir rhythmic humming
was a bit irritating at first, but now it's almost a like a comforting lullaby of nature,
encouraging the thought of an afternoon nap. And as much as I would love to
sneak in a few zzz's, I have far too much to do and doubt my brain would 
actually turn off long enough to allow an adequate rest. 

Yesterday, I started the 4th book in my children's book series. I only have about
a hundred words or so right now, but I'm anxious to get back to work exploring
imaginary worlds with my main character. Although I have a rough idea on how
the plot is going to take shape, the details are still fuzzy. I love how upon writing,
those details become clearer and clearer. Then suddenly you have it, a vibrant
and whimsical adventure with a fun-filled plot and a valuable moral lesson. I hope
you enjoy this beautiful summer afternoon, while I type away, fighting off the sleepy
sound of the cicadas. 


  1. Hi there! Stopping by from Laugh With us Blog. Loved your post there.

    I enjoy writing too. I guess my stuff is more juvenile fiction - and I definitely don't have any books under my belt! Good luck finding a publisher :-)

  2. Thanks, Lisa! Sorry, I didn't respond sooner. I haven't
    had access to my computer for a few days. I'm glad
    you enjoyed the story of my little one. It's one that
    I will always remember and will share with only her
    very good friends when she is older. :) Good luck
    with your writing too.