Monday, June 20, 2011

My Life: A Prayer List being Answered, Part 1

Throughout all my years of growing up, I wondered what my life would 
be like when I finally reached adulthood, marriage, and children. What 
would I look like? Who would I marry? Would our meeting be romantic? 
What kind of occupation would I pursue? How many children would I 
have? So many questions swirled around my curious, imaginative brain. 

I laid awake at night and prayed for my future, for God's will to come to
pass in all the different areas of my life. Now, as I look back, I am so
thankful for those hours I spent praying. I met my husband, Jason,
at a Friday night church service. We were seated next to each other
and a mutual friend introduced us. The first thing I thought was, "He's 
pretty cute, but his wardrobe could use some help." During the service,
our pastor asked us all to hold hands during a prayer. As we clasped
our hands together something felt different, energizing. A thought 
occurred to me, "What if this is the guy I'm going to marry?" 

Now just to clarify, I'm not the kind of girl who thought this of every 
guy she met. This was a feeling, an inkling that I will never forget. We 
started seeing each other the next month, started dating the month after 
that, were engaged four months after that, and married about a year 
after we first met. We've been married over six years now, and of course
we've had our share of ups and downs, but I've never been more sure
that I married the absolute perfect person for me. I love him more that
words can express and am so happy that he is the father of my 
beautiful children. 


If you are wondering if I was able to revamp his closet, I can assure
you he dresses much more age appropriate now than when I met
him. Jason offered for me to get rid of all the clothes I disliked
before we got married, the majority of which you might have found
being sported at the local homestyle cafeteria at five. To give him
credit, his sense of style has dramatically improved in the years
we've been together. I can't imagine how good he'll look by the time
we celebrate our golden anniversary. God certainly answered my
prayers concerning the love of my life. Next time, I write about another
area of my life where God has been faithful. 

"Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your
heart."  Psalm 37:4, ESV


  1. This tickled me, Tanya! What a delightful post! I met my husband through a co-worker at the time as a "blind" date. Sometime, I'll tell you the story on that one. :)

  2. Oh, I can't wait. :) I love hearing stories of how
    loved ones meet. I'll add a photo of our wedding.
    I should've done that anyway

  3. love this post, so honest and sweet!

  4. Thanks, Megan. The recent pics of your girls are
    beautiful, especially the one of Alice smiling in
    her super cute sun hat. :)

  5. Isn't it so neat how God bring us to that person that is just perfect for us? Few recognize this!

  6. Yes, Esther. I can't imagine spending my life with
    anyone else. God's timing is perfect. We just have
    to let go of our so called plans and let Him do His
    thing. God is so good. :)