Monday, April 18, 2011

Technical Hiccups

I have been so excited about the third story in my children's book series, I dove
in this last week and finished the revisions. I was surprised that I didn't have as 
much work to do as I have had in the past. I hope that means that I am improving 
as I go. Afterwards, I thought it would be good to go back through my other two, to 
make sure there weren't inconsistencies. I tweaked a few things here and there and
am very happy with the results. 

Of course, I saved updates as I went, constantly. To be extra sure nothing would 
be lost, I hooked up the laptop to our external hard drive and backed my work up 
there as well. I went in later to read my revisions to my husband and couldn't 
find the updated version of my third story. What!? I was so careful. Even my 
external hard drive had somehow not stored it. Interestingly enough, the most
recently revised versions of my first two stories were on the laptop and external
hard drive, but why hadn't my third story revisions been saved?? One can only 
wonder. Even my IT savvy spouse couldn't figure it out. 

Luckily, I had printed out all three in their most updated versions and had given 
them to my big sister. I just have to borrow her copies back for a bit to recover my 
work. I have always not totally trusted technology and this confirms that feeling. 
Thankfully, I can always trust God to have my back. But lesson learned, one can 
never have too many forms of backup. I could have also backed up on my flash drive.

I find myself now, with more ideas in my head for future stories. I'm torn with 
going ahead and trying to write them out, or letting them marinate in my imagination 
a little longer. After all, I do need to research proposals and such, but there
is a book about it I'd like to buy first. I'll definitely have to ask God on which 
to focus on for the next few weeks.  

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