Monday, April 25, 2011

Speed Bumps and Curve Balls

This last week I wasn't able to work on my writing at all. Life sometimes just throws 
us a few speed bumps or curve balls along the way. Last week, my oldest had, and
gave to me also, a contagious virus (hand, foot and mouth), causing us to be 
sequestered in our home for a week. Yikes! Talk about cabin fever. When my 
daughter is sick, she doesn't slow down, but remains her bouncy tiggeriffic self. 
This makes it difficult for her to get rest and for me to make sure she's not 
sharing germs with her younger brother. I am happy to be able to say my youngest 
and my husband didn't get sick. However, I may have acquired a couple new 
white hairs in the process. I was also not able to work this last week because 
I work with babies, so that prevented me from buying the books I wanted to get 
to start getting my new query letter and proposal ready. 

Here in the heartland, we also had devastating storms and tornadoes this last 
weekend. Thankfully, my neighborhood was untouched, but just 20 minutes 
north, there is a tornado path 22+ miles long and in some areas 1/2 mile wide. 
The St Louis airport was hit hard. The video footage is incredible. I am so 
thankful for God's protection and am praying for all those affected for speedy 
recovery. We heard multiple tornado sirens that Friday night, but they were for 
counties just north and south of us. My daughter wasn't so sure she should go to 
bed that night, but with some reassurance that God was protecting us, she 
eventually went to sleep. 

Although speed bumps and curve balls come in life, I am so thankful for God's 
providence and grace. Through all the devastation of this last weekend, I haven't
heard of any fatalities. What a miracle. And in my own little universe, I survived 
the week of quarantine with my munchkins, no one else got sick, and my oldest 
gave her life to Jesus on Friday afternoon, a moment I will never forget. God is 

Speaking of curve balls... Go Cards! Way to turn the season around. :)


  1. Tanya, I can so relate, but you're way ahead in your writing then where I was. I didn't KNOW I could write with little ones so I gave up writing until my youngest (of four) was two (...even then I think I might have started too soon...but that's another story already documented.) Now that I know it can be done (though not easily) I'm hoping to inspire, held and guide others along especially now that my youngest is almost 9!!

  2. Gina, thanks for the encouragement. Sometimes it can feel like running into a brick wall, amidst meltdowns and stinky diapers, but I love the advice on your posting today, as far as maintaining a schedule and trying not to work when little ones need love and attention. That's where the balance comes in. Live and learn... . :)