Monday, April 11, 2011

Write and Rewrite

Last week I wrote that I was going to start writing the third story in my children's book 
series. I had been unsure about how to go about it. Again, God was faithful. I started 
typing, and He supplied fun ideas and an adorable plot. I'm more excited about this 
story than my other two. Again, it took a little over a day to write. Once I start 
something, it is extremely difficult for me to rest until it's done, well, at least the first 

Now comes the multiple rereads and rewrites, until it's perfect. This may take a few 
weeks. I take a few days off after writing the first draft so that I can read it again with 
"fresh eyes," and be able to pick up on things I might otherwise miss. I don't know 
if this is how established, professional writers do it, but it works for me. 

For those of you who may be wondering when these stories will be published, 
I have a few steps in my journey until I get to that point. My plan is to resubmit to 
the literary agent I would love to work with in mid summer. Before I do that, I have 
some research to do on proposals and such. I want my query letter and proposal to 
be as strong as possible. With God's favor, if this works out, it may possible to have 
a book deal within a year. I know this may seem very optimistic, but I know God has 
given me this desire to write for children, and I believe with all my heart the He will 
bring it to pass in His perfect timing. Until that time, I will continue to write and share 
this journey I am on with you.

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